ANF Therapy at Opisok Ortho Clinic

At Opisok Ortho Clinic, where we harness the power of advanced frequency technology to optimize your rehabilitation and support overall well-being. Our skilled therapists utilize ANF therapy to address pain, inflammation, and promote holistic healing.

Pain Management Sessions

Experience targeted ANF therapy sessions designed to alleviate pain related to prosthetic adjustments, muscle imbalances, or rehabilitation challenges. Our therapists focus on providing effective and non-invasive pain relief.

Inflammation Reduction

Benefit from ANF therapy’s ability to reduce inflammation, promoting a more comfortable and optimized environment for prosthetic adjustments and overall musculoskeletal health.

Integration with Prosthetic Care

Discover how ANF therapy seamlessly integrates with prosthetic care. Our therapists collaborate closely with prosthetic specialists to ensure a unified approach to your physical health and prosthetic well-being.

What is ANF Therapy?

ANF therapy is a cutting-edge approach that combines principles of neuroscience and frequency technology. It involves the application of ANF discs, which emit specific frequencies targeting the nervous system, supporting pain relief, and enhancing the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

The ANF Therapy Process


Our therapists conduct a thorough assessment to identify specific areas of concern and understand your prosthetic care requirements.

ANF Disc Application

Experience the application of ANF discs to targeted areas, emitting frequencies that support pain relief, inflammation reduction, and overall healing.

Integrated Care

ANF therapy is seamlessly integrated into your overall prosthetic care plan, ensuring a holistic approach to your physical and mental well-being.

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